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Animals you can see on your way to Isla Contoy

Animals you can see on your way to Isla Contoy

All set for your next tour to Isla Contoy? Put a lot on the road, because you might see these magnificent animals!

We already told you that Isla Contoy is a Natural-Protected Area and bird sanctuary that is home to many reptiles, birds, and invertebrates. We also told you about the marine fauna that surrounds it.

Today we want to talk about the marine animals that you can see on your way to the island (and on the beach 👀). We will leave you with real videos, taken by visitors and staff of the Isla Contoy tour.

This time, we have ordered them by frequency of sighting, so you are less likely to encounter the animals that are lower on the list, but don't worry, they are all equally fascinating!



Isla Contoy's pristine beach offers a high chance of encountering starfish and even the occasional sea sponge. We understand the allure of capturing a photo with these beautiful creatures, but it's crucial to remember not to touch them! Interacting with starfish can have detrimental effects on their delicate ecosystem, so we highly recommend simply admiring and take photos from a respectful distance, ensuring their safety remains a top priority.

Starfish in Isla Contoy

Starfish captured on video by one of our guests on the Isla Contoy Experience tour.




Crustaceans, such as the hermit crab and the majestic red lobster, are an essential part of the vibrant marine life on Isla Contoy. But it is the hermit crab that truly steals the show. These fascinating creatures can be spotted meandering across the sandy beaches and even exploring the island's various facilities (so watch your step!).


Hermit crab in Isla Contoy

Hermit crabs are found literally all over the island.




There is nothing more exciting than seeing dolphins jumping and swimming close to your boat during the Isla Contoy tour. Those intelligent marine mammals are known for their grace and ability to interact with boats. You may (with a lot of luck) spot dolphins during the trip to the island, although this is a rare occurrence.


Delfines contoyThese dolphins were swimming between Cancun and Isla Mujeres.




The majestic manta rays are another impressive sight you might witness during your journey to Isla Contoy on the tour. These creatures swim gracefully near the surface of the water, showing off their wingspan. If you're lucky enough, you might even see them leap out of the water, revealing their beauty as they glide before diving again.


Giant rays in Isla Contoy

Our crew captured this wonderful scene.




While sailing to Isla Contoy on your tour, you may encounter charming sea turtles passing by your boat. This area is home to several species, such as the hawksbill, loggerhead, and green sea turtles. If you manage to see them, go and buy a lottery ticket because fortune is with you.

Sea turtles in Isla Contoy

Our production team found these 3 sea turtles while flying the drone.



Before moving on to the number 1 spot, we introduce you to this beautiful specimen.

On Isla Contoy, there is an exciting 50% chance of spotting an osprey, as it has a nest located in one of the main buildings. These majestic birds of prey are known for their ability to fish and their graceful flight. Watching an osprey in its natural habitat is a unique experience not to be missed on this beautiful island.


Osprey in Isla Contoy

One more point for the production team that captured this osprey on video.



1. SHARKS? 😱

If you are a more adventurous marine life lover, you might be excited to encounter sharks during your Isla Contoy tour.


Are there sharks in Isla Contoy?Look how close it swims to the dock!


Movies and television have given sharks a bad reputation; however, shark attacks are extremely rare and represent a tiny fraction of ocean encounters. Most shark species are peaceful and avoid contact with humans.

While sharks have been seen swimming near the beach and pier on Isla Contoy, authorities are vigilant to keep visitors safe at all times. So if you happen to see a shark, remember that its presence will remind you of the amazing diversity of marine life in this region.


Now that you know some animals you might encounter on this island, don't wait any longer! Don't miss Isla Contoy and book your next experience to this very special destination (since only 200 people are allowed).

It is something you have to experience during your stay in the Mexican Caribbean. 🏝️

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