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6 Reef-Safe Biodegradable Sunscreen Brands To Use

6 Reef-Safe Biodegradable Sunscreen Brands To Use

The greatest part of visiting the Mexican Caribbean is being able to enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings: dipping in the ocean on a blazing hot day, having the chance to admire thousands of sea creatures while snorkeling, or playing around near the white sandy beaches. However, by doing these simple activities, we might be destroying something precious: our marine life.

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It's no news that the use of sunscreen affects and kills corals and our marine life. But how much? More than enough is the answer. It's estimated that each year about 14,000 tons of sunscreen wash into the oceans and in the last decades we have come to destroy 80% of corals in the Caribbean. Even though pollution is not the only source, it's certainly the biggest and the one each and one of us can do something about today.

In all of our tours we offer the opportunity to snorkel in some of the most amazing reefs that are part of the second largest coral reef system in the world. For this reason, it's our personal mission to educate visitors and regulate the use of sunscreens when sailing. By all means, the best alternative and the one we recommend, as it's prohibited in many national parks, is NOT to use any sunscreen at all. However, we know that not all skin types are the same, and if you must, we want to give you some affordable, organic, reef-safe options for you to use.

Here is our list of top 6 sun-screen brands that on top of being eco-friendly, are made in Mexico

  1. Seasons Love Your Skin SPF 50+
  2. Cocone Sun Care SPF 40+
  3. Maya Solar All Natural Sunscreen SPF 50+
  4. Valchini Face Bar SPF 30+
  5. Agua De Nube Organic & Vegan Sunscreen SPF 30+
  6. Coral "Surf" Sunscreen


Although it has a lower sun protection factor, it is very effective and ideal to use on beaches, ecotourism parks and outdoor sports. It contains ingredients such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and candelilla wax.



If you want a sunscreen that in addition to protecting your skin, moisturizes it, Cocone will do it. It has a vitamin base that promises to leave your skin soft and protected from aging and blemishes. You can apply it on your body and face.



One of the most popular on the market, ideal for maximum protection throughout the body. Contains essential ingredients such as chaya, achiote, beeswax, coconut oils, salts, and minerals.



It's the only one on the list that is designed specifically for the face, but it has a multipurpose function. Its stick shape is perfect for applying to the face and small areas of the body. In addition, it calms chafing, moisturizes the skin and protects scars. Valchini is particularly good for maximum protection on the skin of young children.



Not only does it have a modern and attractive packaging, its formula is quickly absorbed and suitable for all skin types and for all ages. It is enriched with apricot oil, coconut oil, shea butter, carrot oil and aloe vera and it can also be used on the face.



CORAL sunscreen is perfect for athletes in contact with water or exposed to the sun, since it is formulated to resist sweat and long hours under water. In addition, its unique packaging can be easily reused for other products.

We truly hope that next time you go shopping you opt to buy a reef-safe sunscreen, but even if you can't find any of these options, remember to always look out for these two ingredients that are mainly responsible for the bleaching and poisoning of coral reefs:

  • Oxybenzone
  • Octinoxate

And avoid them at all costs!

Remember that today we can no longer have the luxury to be unconscious travelers. We must inform ourselves and take action to be part of sustainable and eco-friendly tourism. And if you've gotten to this part, it means that you're on the right track!


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