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20 Isla Contoy tour photos you will totally love

20 Isla Contoy tour photos you will totally love

Want to take a tour to Isla Contoy, but don't know what you'll find when you arrive? Read on and discover what the most beautiful protected island in the Mexican Caribbean is like.

Many travelers think that in Contoy they will find hotels, restaurants, and entertainment, but the truth is that it is a Natural Protected Area that keeps its flora and fauna in their purest state.

Want to know what the island looks like? If you are a visual person, keep reading because here we show you what you will find when you take a tour to Isla Contoy from Cancun.





If you take a tour to Isla Contoy you must first arrive at the departure marina. In this case, we will depart from the Punta Norte Marina. Upon arrival, you will enjoy complimentary bread and fruit and start the sailing time to your first stop: snorkeling in the Caribbean!


Pergola in Marina Punta Norte
1 The trip begins at the departure marina, in this case, Marina Punta Norte.
Asterix ship to Isla Contoy
2 Boarding to Isla Contoy
Snorkel in reef
3 During the tour, we will visit a snorkeling area located between Cancun and Isla Mujeres.




After snorkeling, continue this adventure by arriving at Isla Mujeres, where you will have 1 hour of free time to relax on the beach, go shopping for souvenirs or rent a golf cart for a true island experience. Just remember to be back on the boat in time to continue your trip to Contoy.

Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres

1 Playa Norte is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Miguel Hidalgo walkway in Isla Mujeres
2 The walkway Miguel Hidalgo is the ideal place for shopping in Isla Mujeres.
Souvenirs de Talavera
3  In the handicraft stalls of Isla Mujeres, you can find all kinds of souvenirs.
Rent a golf cart in Isla Mujeres
5 Rent a golf cart for a true island experience.




Board again to Isla Contoy. During this trip we recommend you to pay close attention to the sea because you might see dolphins, manta rays and even sea turtles.

Isla Contoy sea
1 During the trip to Isla Contoy, pay attention to the sea, as you might see dolphins, manta rays, and even turtles.
Isla Contoy coast
2 La costa de Contoy es una vista que te dejará sin aliento. Estás llegando a una playa protegida por el Gobierno.
Isla Contoy dock
3 The rustic dock will welcome you to the island. In the background, you will see a sign indicating you have arrived.
Birds in Isla Contoy
4 Isla Contoy is the island of birds and is listed as a bird sanctuary.




Arriving at Isla Contoy will take your breath away!

The first thing you will see is the dock next to the beautiful pristine beach, a symbol of Isla Contoy. When you get off the boat, you will enter the island, where a delicious buffet will be waiting for you. In addition, you can take a mini eco-tour through the island's trails and visit the lagoon viewpoint.


Isla Contoy trails
1 Visit the trails of Contoy Island while learning about the island during the mini ecotour.
Dunas of Isla Contoy
2 In the dunes, you will get to know the native vegetation of the island.
3 The dunes are the perfect scenery for taking pictures.
Mangroves of Isla Contoy
4 The mangrove is an endangered ecosystem. On the island, you can see it near the main dock and in the lagoon area.
The other side of Isla Contoy
5 Climb up to the lookout point and observe the side of the island facing the ocean. Its darker waters indicate depth and life.
Lagoons of Isla Contoy
6 Contoy has 7 lagoons. During the tour, you will have access to the viewpoint of the lagoon known as La Pajarera Central.
7 The mini eco tour includes a guided visit to the Isla Contoy museum.
8 The tour to Isla Contoy includes a buffet on the island.



To end this experience, you will have time to relax on the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean, which will be just for you and your companions!


playa 800*600


If you were thinking about taking a tour to Isla Contoy, now is the time to book and live a natural experience in the Mexican Caribbean.

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